Tuesday, March 3, 2015

2015 Disney Trip- Dinner with Cinderella

Instead of stressing about filling in the missing time since my last post I am going to just move forward because filling it all in could take me forever but moving forward happens now!

For Christmas the kids got a trip to Disneyworld instead of a lot of toys and we got home about a week ago.  We had the most fun time and the kids loved every minute of it (well maybe not waiting in line for 90 minutes for Soarn)

We were able to do a lot of wonderful things this trip- Breakfast with princesses, dinner with princesses and it was all a blast.

Our last meal was with Cinderella, her step-mom and step-sisters. The food was ok but the kids loved seeing the characters. Anastasia decided that drew was a handsome prince and kissed him on the cheek, it was so funny!

Monday, August 25, 2014

School 2014-2015

Well it happened-summer ended and school started! I am one happy mom but at the same time am baffled that summer went by so quickly. I mean the last two weeks went by slowly but when its all said and done, the summer was a good one.
The kids were all excited to meet their teachers last week and see old friends. they all ended up with wonderful teachers and I am really excited for them.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

1st grade play

drew was able to be in a play at school this year- a wonderful production of  Bugs- he was so excited for us to come see it. he was so excited that he auditioned for a speaking part and got one! he took this very seriously and had it memorized, as well as all his friends parts too! he would be in his room practicing the songs for about a month before hand.  it was a cute play and am I proud of him for wanting to do his best.


jellystone 2014

Remember that time we went "camping" back in MAY-  we are lucky to have some amazing friends who plan fun weekends and are even more blessed to have some amazing friends to share a cabin with. we went to jellystone park about 45 minutes from our house. it was so much fun. we lucked into sharing a cabin with our good friends (which was super helpful for me because glenn was out of town) the kids were able to play with friends, go down water slides, ride bikes, fish and just have an awesome weekend.  I hope we do it again next year because it was a BLAST.

drew caught a fish!

wyatt fishing- he also caught a fish

me and the kids

yogi and olivia

Monday, May 12, 2014

small tid bits to hold grandma over!

 Heres a small update for now:

Olivia- she is doing super in school and LOVES going each day. she is totally ready for kindergarten and i think she will do awesome at it.. too bad we have to wait all summer but we are totally excited for summer to start soon! she is dancing and has her recital in just a week from now. she also started swim team this year but lets be honest, she probably won't swim all season!


drew- this kid is so full of personality that some days its hard to live with but we love having him in our family. he is doing so well in school and continues to love to learn. his baseball team is doing great and he is loving it! he is super excited about swim team this year and gets to learn all 4 strokes this year.

                                                                                                                                                      wyatt: he is doing great in school this year and with the help of all his extra hard work and tutoring is making b's in reading and reading on level! we are so very thankful for his reading teacher, she is an amazing lady. he is playing baseball this year but not really loving it any more. he really LOVES to swim and would prefer to focus on that I think. he is excited to start meets again.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

wrap up of utah

I didn't think to bring my real camera on this trip since we were flying and only took a few pics with my phone the whole trip. that makes this a post with no pictures only words... sorry for the boringness

the rest of our time was spent hanging out and enjoying our time. i was able to have lunch with my good friend wendy on Tuesday. we always have the best time together and i love that our friendship doesn't need the everyday contact to remain awesome. its so great to see each other and just pick up without any issues or need to fill-in all the space.

glenn and i were able to steal a few moments alone and just run errands without the kids, that was a nice break from them!

Wednesday we met nick, shane and shanti (shanes friend that is a girl) for dinner at chilis, where our good friend is training to become a manager. after dinner we were going to go bowling but the 2 hour wait made us choose to go to chuck e cheese- the kids had a blast getting tickets and there was like 4 other kids playing there. it was a nice break for them and i got to talk to shanti!

TURKEY DAY- was filled with prepping and cooking, mostly done by LeAnn, Kent and Glenn.  the food was really good and we all over ate i think!

Friday- the kids were all getting a little antsy so we went and played laser tag-

Saturday we ate some dinner at texas roadhouse and went through the festival of lights

Sunday we visited santa and saw frozen. i totally love that movie- it was so cute and had a great message.  sadly we spent the rest of the night doing laundry and packing to fly home!

no matter how long we stay it always goes by so fast!

Monday, December 9, 2013


one of the things the kids wanted to do while we were in Utah was play in the snow. well, sadly it did not snow while we were there for the whole TEN days but it did start flurrying when we left. literally the day we left they got like a foot of snow. drew was so mad, he had prayed and prayed for snow.  but never fear, grandpa had a plan for us to go find snow. so, on Monday we all got dressed and drove around looking for snow for the kids to play in. we were lucky to find a sledding hill in midway that allowed us to play on their snow.  the kids were in heaven and  I was happy that we didn't have to go far.

Olivia had never seen snow since she was 4 months old when we left Utah.

she was having a blast showing us the snow.

the boys kept tackling each other into the snow.

they kept running to this spot and called it their fort.
I love this picture- Olivia looks so happy and the boys are having a great time in the background.

over all the snow was fun for the 30 minutes they played in it- then we went into the club house and had a nice warm lunch. that is my kind of snow day!

Friday, December 6, 2013

thanksgiving 2013

this year for thanksgiving we got to go to Utah and spend the holiday with the Stewarts. we had the best time and enjoyed a lot of fun things during our time there.

This was olivias first time flying (that she would remember) and she really loved it! we are so lucky to have the kids ipads, it really made flying so easy.

Olivia on our first flight at 6:00AM-

wyatt and glenn on their row

drew was not impressed with our seats (we sat at the back of the plane)
we were able to eat café rio a few times while we were there. it is seriously one of the best foods!

we really had the best time and we thankful we had the opportunity to go spend time with our Utah family. we were able to see some movies, play some games, watch some Christmas movies, watch some football and basketball. we ate tons of yummy food and enjoyed great company!





Thursday, November 7, 2013

random photos from our lives

here are a bunch of things that have happened via my phone!

sometimes Olivia and i take pictures to pass the time until her bus comes!

drew started wearing his hair differently, he calls it his 1950's hair do- we have teen beach movie to thank for this new look!

found tiddlywinks- my mother in law had talked about these for a few years. i am still mad at myself for not buying them for her. SORRY LeAnn

drew started playing soccer

goalie drew- during the season he saved several goals during his time as goalie!

drew and i went on a dinner date and he turned into a walrus with fry tusks.


Friday, November 1, 2013

Halloween 2013

in the true spirit of our family i did not take any pictures of Halloween-  luckily, i did take pictures from the trunk or treat a few days prior-

Thursday, October 31, 2013

seven is heaven

drew turned SEVEN- i am still not sure how that happened, i swear he was just a tiny baby. we went to dinner to celebrate his birthday. the restaurant come out to sing to him and bring him a treat, his eyes got so HUGE when he saw the dessert but then he turned bright red when the singing started. as much as our relationship can be a struggle, i am so thankful for my drew.bear.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

nine is fine

in the words of wyatt,"  i'm finally nine!"  i am still amazed that this kid isn't a baby anymore and frankly, he is turning into a really fun person. i stole him from school for lunch and we had a great time. he was so happy to go to the book store and get a new book, enjoy some lunch with me and Olivia. he requested yummy cupcakes for this birthday, so i went to a cupcake store and we enjoyed those instead of cake. we are so happy to have him in our family.