Monday, December 9, 2013


one of the things the kids wanted to do while we were in Utah was play in the snow. well, sadly it did not snow while we were there for the whole TEN days but it did start flurrying when we left. literally the day we left they got like a foot of snow. drew was so mad, he had prayed and prayed for snow.  but never fear, grandpa had a plan for us to go find snow. so, on Monday we all got dressed and drove around looking for snow for the kids to play in. we were lucky to find a sledding hill in midway that allowed us to play on their snow.  the kids were in heaven and  I was happy that we didn't have to go far.

Olivia had never seen snow since she was 4 months old when we left Utah.

she was having a blast showing us the snow.

the boys kept tackling each other into the snow.

they kept running to this spot and called it their fort.
I love this picture- Olivia looks so happy and the boys are having a great time in the background.

over all the snow was fun for the 30 minutes they played in it- then we went into the club house and had a nice warm lunch. that is my kind of snow day!

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