Wednesday, December 11, 2013

wrap up of utah

I didn't think to bring my real camera on this trip since we were flying and only took a few pics with my phone the whole trip. that makes this a post with no pictures only words... sorry for the boringness

the rest of our time was spent hanging out and enjoying our time. i was able to have lunch with my good friend wendy on Tuesday. we always have the best time together and i love that our friendship doesn't need the everyday contact to remain awesome. its so great to see each other and just pick up without any issues or need to fill-in all the space.

glenn and i were able to steal a few moments alone and just run errands without the kids, that was a nice break from them!

Wednesday we met nick, shane and shanti (shanes friend that is a girl) for dinner at chilis, where our good friend is training to become a manager. after dinner we were going to go bowling but the 2 hour wait made us choose to go to chuck e cheese- the kids had a blast getting tickets and there was like 4 other kids playing there. it was a nice break for them and i got to talk to shanti!

TURKEY DAY- was filled with prepping and cooking, mostly done by LeAnn, Kent and Glenn.  the food was really good and we all over ate i think!

Friday- the kids were all getting a little antsy so we went and played laser tag-

Saturday we ate some dinner at texas roadhouse and went through the festival of lights

Sunday we visited santa and saw frozen. i totally love that movie- it was so cute and had a great message.  sadly we spent the rest of the night doing laundry and packing to fly home!

no matter how long we stay it always goes by so fast!

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