Monday, May 12, 2014

small tid bits to hold grandma over!

 Heres a small update for now:

Olivia- she is doing super in school and LOVES going each day. she is totally ready for kindergarten and i think she will do awesome at it.. too bad we have to wait all summer but we are totally excited for summer to start soon! she is dancing and has her recital in just a week from now. she also started swim team this year but lets be honest, she probably won't swim all season!


drew- this kid is so full of personality that some days its hard to live with but we love having him in our family. he is doing so well in school and continues to love to learn. his baseball team is doing great and he is loving it! he is super excited about swim team this year and gets to learn all 4 strokes this year.

                                                                                                                                                      wyatt: he is doing great in school this year and with the help of all his extra hard work and tutoring is making b's in reading and reading on level! we are so very thankful for his reading teacher, she is an amazing lady. he is playing baseball this year but not really loving it any more. he really LOVES to swim and would prefer to focus on that I think. he is excited to start meets again.

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