Friday, December 6, 2013

thanksgiving 2013

this year for thanksgiving we got to go to Utah and spend the holiday with the Stewarts. we had the best time and enjoyed a lot of fun things during our time there.

This was olivias first time flying (that she would remember) and she really loved it! we are so lucky to have the kids ipads, it really made flying so easy.

Olivia on our first flight at 6:00AM-

wyatt and glenn on their row

drew was not impressed with our seats (we sat at the back of the plane)
we were able to eat café rio a few times while we were there. it is seriously one of the best foods!

we really had the best time and we thankful we had the opportunity to go spend time with our Utah family. we were able to see some movies, play some games, watch some Christmas movies, watch some football and basketball. we ate tons of yummy food and enjoyed great company!





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