Tuesday, March 3, 2015

2015 Disney Trip- Dinner with Cinderella

Instead of stressing about filling in the missing time since my last post I am going to just move forward because filling it all in could take me forever but moving forward happens now!

For Christmas the kids got a trip to Disneyworld instead of a lot of toys and we got home about a week ago.  We had the most fun time and the kids loved every minute of it (well maybe not waiting in line for 90 minutes for Soarn)

We were able to do a lot of wonderful things this trip- Breakfast with princesses, dinner with princesses and it was all a blast.

Our last meal was with Cinderella, her step-mom and step-sisters. The food was ok but the kids loved seeing the characters. Anastasia decided that drew was a handsome prince and kissed him on the cheek, it was so funny!

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