Thursday, July 21, 2011

when the uncles come to town

we do a lot of playing!
Since my camera is gone, these posts are going to be a lot less picture (like none) and a lot more words..
So nick came first and we did a lot of fun things
- swimming
- movies
- dinner at P F changs for his b-day
- playing in the playroom
nick is so good with the kids, he loves to play with them and just be with them.

then, shane came and we did a lot more stuff
- bbq
- baseball game
- family party for maya's 8th b-day
- dinner for glenn's b-day at papasitos
- fireworks from hell for the 4th
- movies- percy jackson, star wars, how to train your dragon, indiana jones, tangled
- swimming
- eating
- pictures at target
- flags
- tattoos- silly kids
shane loves my kids soo much and you can tell that he loves to be with them.

we had a great 3 weeks with uncles to play with us but it was good to get back to normal. now we are counting down the days till our neighbors get home (hurry please) and for school to start again. 1 month countdown.. some of us are ready for school to be back in session :)

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