Friday, July 8, 2011

to do list

about a week ago i made a new to do list and starting crossing things off the list. it felt great but it was a long list. one of the things to do on the list was two-fold. it looked like this-
10.- upload pictures from camera- do blog posts-
i never got around to doing #10 on the list because i just didn't. i have had my bros in town for the last 2 weeks and everything has kind of fallen to the wayside.

fast forward to the 4th of july.
we went downtown to the miller outdoor theater for a symphony performance and fireworks. we left and the car had been broken into and my purse was GONE. inside my purse was my camera (fluke that it was even in there because if you know me i never have my camera ever)

on the camera were about 4 months of pictures that i had not uploaded to the computer- awesome right. i lost baseball pictures, end of year parties, easter, drews performance, drew falling asleep under my bed, me and glenns cruise pictures, glenns birthday pictures from earlier in the day. i am totally bummed about losing all of those memories. the sad thing is that if i had only followed my to-do list they would be here on the computer.
the lessons learned- upload pictures on a super regular time frame. :(


Adri said...

Oh I'm so sorry! I would die. My car was broken into once in college and, although nothing super important was taken (just my stereo, cd's, and they scuffed up my car), I still felt SO violated. It made me so mad that someone thought they could break into MY car and take MY things that I had worked hard for and payed for.

Lisha said...

i am so sick over this friend! ugh!