Thursday, July 28, 2011

take me out to the ballgame

for shane's birthday at the beginning of the month, my dad took us all to the astros vs red sox game. it was the boys second baseball game and thanks to great friends we didn't have to take olivia :) wyatt was so excited to see the "real" red sox play and was totally cheering for them. drew was cheering for the astros and had a great time. drews favorite part was the food. all he wanted was cotton candy and i kept making him wait until later in the game and then by the time we were ready for some the guy was gone. poor drew. i would feel bad for him except he got to have nachos, snow cone, cracker jacks, peanuts. not too shabby. wyatt loved the whole thing and was so happy. since it was days before the fourth we got a firework show too. the fireworks were so good.

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