Monday, March 28, 2011

missing... tooth

this post is a bit hard to write because i am really not ready for this new phase. i tried to stop it from coming and it came anyway- wyatt lost his first tooth tonight. for me this is huge- he is no longer my baby boy, or even my little boy- he is a KID. school going, sports playing, tooth losing kid.

 we noticed his tooth was loose about a week and a half ago- it was the friday of spring break and we were eating lunch with my mom and he said my tooth feels weird. i went over and wiggled it and sure enough it was starting to become loose. he was super excited about the fact that he was starting this new phase. fast forward to practice last friday night- he got hit in the mouth with a ball- he was super lucky that all it really did was knock his tooth super loose- all weekend he has been playing with the tooth with his tongue and then tonight he pulled it out- he was so excited for this to happen and he thinks that the tooth fairy is going to bring him money tonight- ahhh why did he have to grow up..

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