Sunday, June 13, 2010

all you do is feed me

we have entered the world of talking back and i want to leave soon. wyatt has suddenly started talking back and it SUCKS. i miss my sweet wyatt- he comes out every now and again but lately its been bad wyatt. i wanted to get this down for memory sake.

so heres the story of BAD WYATT in full force.
we were doing a major clean of the boys room and wyatt was not listening or helping. glenn was getting frustrated and i was just totally annoyed to begin with and wyatts attitude was not helping. he finally did something that broke the straw on my back and i yelled at him and sent him to his bed. we were reaching the end of cleaning and he just started yelling at us. we didn't love him, we didn't care about him. these two phrases were repeated over and over. drew was totally confused and kept telling wyatt that he was his brother and his name was drew. then the kicker, ya know the thing they say that makes you just laugh. while he is yelling that we don't love him we only love drew and olivia he says "all you ever do is feed me" i just died laughing. it was so funny that i had to leave the room. his outburst lasted for another 10 minutes and then he cooled off. later he apologized and i said do you want me to feed you now? sometimes he can say the funniest things when he is talking back but most of the time its horrible. i hope we can nip some of this talking back in the bud b.c i can't stand it. oh the joys of children growing up...

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Adri said...

He JUST started talking back?! You are in for a big surprise when O. gets a little older! We've been dealing with sass for years.