Tuesday, June 15, 2010

fishes in the water

for about two hours out of everyday we are fishes in the water. i have a new appreciation of the pool. it wears my kids out so wonderfully, it gives us great tans and sometimes not so great sunburns and its a great cooling effect to avoid the HEAT. we did swim lessons at the y right before school let out to get reacquainted with the water. the very first day drew did not want to get his head wet. by the end of swim lessons he would do that and now he will swim with his floaties and its a blessing for me. wyatt can swim but has this huge fear of drowning so he spends his time with his floaties on. i am not going to complain too much because it is safer to know he has them on. olivia didn't get lessons cause she is one and i didn't want to do a mommy and me class. she has this floaty thing that she likes for about 20 minutes and then she is done. she hates being splashed in the face and has started trying to escape. i am hoping we can find a solution for her because i want her to enjoy pool time. its so fun to see their courage build in the water and their tan lines are so funny to see. i am so appreciative of great friends to play in the water with and for us having the pool next door. it is a huge blessing in my life.


Adri said...

When we were looking for a house we didn't purposely try to find one with a neighborhood pool. But now I can't imagine living without it. When it is 90 degrees outside and 90% humidity there is really nothing else to do. That's awesome that Wyatt can swim. My kids both took swim lessons. MJ thinks she can swim but she would drown in a heartbeat. They both love the water though so it's a good way to kill a few hours. Plus I don't have a baby to watch (for now) so that's nice. :)

Malia said...

Pools+children=pure happiness. It's also something that they never get sick of! Kind of like McDonalds playground.