Monday, May 10, 2010

first born

when i was first reaching that point in life where kids were the next step, i could have never imagined a son like wyatt. he is an amazing kid. there are the bad days that we all have but wyatt has so many great days that its easy to overlook the bad days. when i told wyatt we would not be going to disneyworld this trip he could have thrown a big fit or been really upset, it would have been justified a little, i mean we are talking about the magic kingdom. instead wyatt went on to tell me that we could do other stuff in fl, like go to the beach because its free. he in a very calm and understanding voice, let me know that a museum trip and a zoo trip would be great to do instead. how lucky am i to have that kid?? as a brother wyatt is AMAZING! he willingly shares most of the time and is always wanting drew to play with him. at church he will let drew sit with him to help him feel alittle more comfortable in primary. one of the ladies told me a story of how drew fell asleep on wyatt during sharing time and wyatt just sat there with his arm around drew patting him to help him stay asleep. he looks out for olivia and wants to include her in things as well. he is such a delight to have in our family. with glenns job i depend on wyatt more than i should but he is 98% of time a great helper to me with jobs and his siblings. we love this first born and could not have asked for a better member of our team.

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