Wednesday, May 12, 2010

the one in the middle

one day i came down stairs after putting all the kids to bed to find this- drews dinner plate being offer to drews bear. he is sooo funny. it was one of those days where i was done being a mom and finding this made me LAUGH.
drew is my hardest kid for me right now. even on days when he is good, its a struggle. we have very different personalities and to be frank i am little use to wyatt who is my good listener and will do what i ask most of the time. but even with those REALLY REALLY hard days, there is something about drew that is so great. i am amazed at how fast he learns things or how independent he needs, not wants, but needs to be. how he can be so bad one minute and such a nice boy the next. he needs his sleep and is a grouchy bear if he is woken from said sleep. i hate having to wake him up because i know its going to be a battle. when he wants to snuggle its the greatest feeling cause he gets super close to you. for all his hard days and all the days i want to sell him, i am glad i get to be his mom. i have a feeling he has great things in store for his life and i am happy i get to be along for whatever ride he takes us on.

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