Sunday, February 7, 2010

thankful for....

family that i live with and are close to. i realized this week that when i move out my mom won;t be just in the other room when i need her help. i have been super spoiled these last few months in having her help with everything. its been so fun to be around my parents and get to know them. my dad is so funny with his littly livy... he loves that little girl so much. i will miss seeing him smile when he sees her... its a good thing we will not be too far away. with glenns work schedule its nice to have adults to talk to.

friends- new and old. i had the chance to hang out with some new ladies this week from church and have girl talk.. it was so fun and so needed. then i got to have dinner with some old friends and it was so needed and enjoyed. having been out of the state for 9 years i lost touch with a lot of my hs friends, i totally wish we had facebook and blogs back then. its brought us all back together and kept us up to date in our lives without having to talk all the time. i am thankful they all accepted me back into their lives. i miss my utah friends and am glad that through facebook and blogs i can stay in their lives as well..

my kids- even though some days i am so done being the mom- they are worth all the stress, struggle and patients i need to learn.. i love how their personalities come out in funny ways. wyatt is quiet caring of drew in social situations- today at church drew fell asleep in primary (kids organization in our church) and he fell asleep on wyatts lap and wyatt just let him do it and kept his arm around him in a protective way. it makes me happy that he wants to look out for his brother.. drew is a clown and a struggle for me... he was making his fork walk around his plate at dinner... so funny but so annoying too. Olivia is a mama's girl and will throw a tantrum unless she gets mama. poor grannie who wants to hold her and liv is not having it..

my hubby- works so hard to allow me to stay home. he was home for a total of 2 1/2 days in the last month. he has gone from laredo tx to lenexa, ks and to brighton Mi.. he works so hard and i love him. i am looking forwaruzsd to our trip in the moving truck. i think the last time we were alone for more than two days was before wyatt was born so it will be fun to just be glenn and jess not mom and dad. thanks babe for all you do!


Cami said...

When are you moving then? You should blog about it so we're all up to date. ;)

Adri said...

You guys are moving? Huh? What's going on? Email me. I feel so out of the loop.