Monday, February 8, 2010

oh the things they say

so i met with the cable guy today and officially have cable and Internet at my house. i set it up early since my sis-in-law had such issues with the company- i however had none so now we have cable at our house for about a week when no one lives there. anywho- my mom so graciously watched the kids so i didn't have to deal with them bothering the guy. (they love work men) the funny part was when i got home. i pull into the garage and the boys come flying out.

W- mom, i cleaned up all the toys all by myself, all of them.
Me- thats cool wyatt
W- no mom all the toys all by myself
Me- i am so happy
d- i was very very naughty
me- really why
d - i was very very naughty
me- why were you naughty drew
d- because
w- no mom i did all the toys by myself, all of them- wanna come see

it made me laugh so much.. those kids are night and day sometimes... ahh the joys of kids.

so sidenote- we move in a week and a half YEAH!!

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