Thursday, February 4, 2010

counting calories

so we met with a nutritionist on monday to talk about mr. drew.bear. we learned two things... drew eats all the right amounts of foods from the right food groups and he eats a lot. he has gained weight since last april to now but his body mass index is still under the 10% mark. so we need to pump him up. the goal is to get him to eat more calories for the next 6 weeks and see if that makes a difference. now do you realize how fun it is to pay attention to how many calories are in everything you eat or make... NOT FUN.. soon after my birthday diet time will come..

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Adri said...

I've been counting calories too. Although for the opposite reason. I wish it was because I had to gain weight. :) And it is...annoying. Especially if you make a sandwich or something with a lot of stuff on it. Or eat pizza.