Tuesday, September 22, 2009

wyatt - update (warning details about actual cut below)

so wyatt is healing up nicely.. he will get his stitches out next monday and that should be interesting. when he was 18 months old he cut his eyebrow open and needed 3 stitches. to get those 3 out it took 4 nurses, me to hold him down and the dr to take them out.. this time should be interesting. he thinks it was pretty cool coming home b/c he was told to take it easy all day. he kept telling me over and over that he didn't have to do any of his jobs and i had to do them all.

not to be gross (this is your warning) he did not cut his penis but cut his scrotum (balls, testicles, family jewels- whatever you prefer) open on the left side. he was very lucky that it was not a little worse or it would have cut it all the way open anywho... thank you for all your well wishes... he is pretty much back to normal..

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(balls, testicles, family jewels- whatever you prefer)