Saturday, September 19, 2009


here is what my saturday morning was suppose to look like:
7:00-7:15ish- feed kids breakfast
7:15-7:30- get kids ready
7:30-8:00- get ready and leave for soccer game at 8
8:30-9:30 -soccer game
9:30-10:00 -watch the rest of maya's soccer game
10:10-11:00- go to baby shower with mom

here is how my morning actually went:
7:15- crap i have to get and get the kids feed- olivia is still asleep
7:30 - the kids are eating
7:45- wyatt jumps down from washing his hands and hurts himself on the cupboard handle
7:47- we realize that wyatt is bleeding from his boy area
7:50- we realize that the cut is going to need stitches
8:10- we arrive at the emergency room
8:45- we are seen by the dr who is super great
9:15 - wyatt asks them to stop numbing his cut b/c it hurts- at least he asked please as he was crying
9:30- wyatt receives 6 stitches on his boy part that contains small objects
10:00 - we leave the hospital and head home.
10:45- i leave to get his prescription filled
11:45- the 10 minute wait at walgreens was more like 45

what a day... luckily for me i am with my parents who were willing to watch drew and olivia while i took wyatt. with glenn out of town for 3 more weeks i was super grateful for them. wyatt is doing great, just a little sore and bruised from hitting the handle so hard. it was an interesting day...


Cami said...

So sad!! Just thinking about getting stitches in his "boy area" makes me hurt! Poor kid and poor mama.

Paige Sinclair said...

Ouch! What a crazy day you ended up with. I hope they used dissolving stitches! We will either be in town next weekend of Conference weekend if Wyatt wants to play. I will let you know once we decide when we are coming. Good luck without Glenn!

Lisha said...

oh no! poor little guy!! funny how nothing EVER goes according to plan since having kids..

CB said...


call me said...

Oh no! Stiches on his boy part!!!