Monday, July 6, 2009

i totally stink and here is why...

so my family came into town for a visit right and we had a great time doing things.... but did i remember my camera for any of them... NOPE, why because i totally SUCK!!!... hopefully someone can loan me their pictures (like shane a megan) but here is the totally awesome run down of what we did..

-6/30- everyone came into town, dinner with the whole family except Lucia and Sienna (we were missing Lucia and Sienna the whole week) - loud and fun
7-1- MAYA turned 6- we went swimming, wyatt, maya and jared saw Ice Age 3
7-2- Shane turned OLD and we went to a late lunch at Pappasitos and saw Public Enemy
7-3- Maya's awesome birthday party and then girls night to see My Sisters Keeper (not good)
7-4- Glenn's birthday/4 of july celebration... bbq and fireworks... so fun except that my kids were afraid of the fireworks and that made it special.
7-5- Olivia was blessed at church and everyone was there that was awesome.
7-6 - bread lesson from quinn and homemade pizza and some bowling
7-7 - quinn left, nick and chelsey left and we took the kids to see UP (LOVED IT)
7-8- Swimming with shane, maya, wyatt, drew- tantrum city by the little boys

now shane leaves tomorrow and we had a ton of fun....

hopefully we can do this at christmas with all the family involved...


Adri said... do suck...just kidding. Sounds like you guys had fun. Why did you not like My Sister's Keeper? Was it because it wasn't like the book...or was it just a bad movie in general? I want to see it but I keep hearing people don't like it.

Twizzlers mom said...

I hated UP! it was so not kid friendly, I mean it was good animation and what not, but the whole not being able to fulfill your dreams until you are old, or dead, was just so not kid friendly. I mean life isn't butterflies and flowers, but at least we should allow our kids to think so for a while....

call me said...

I love that you are having so much fun with the family! I'm sure the kids are loving it too. Miss you.