Monday, June 29, 2009

hang on for the week ahead--

so since we are here at my parents house kickin it, my brother shane thought he would come for a visit and then my brother quinn thought he would come too since his wife and daughter were going to be away. this then spurred my little brother nick to say he wanted to come and bring his totally awesome girlfriend along. so starting tonight ( at midnight nonetheless) my brothers will begin arriving for a week of chaos and loudness. it is going to be totally awesome and totally crazy at the same time. i wish my sister-in-law lucia and sienna could be here but they have other engagements to attend to.-- wish us luck in the next week. normally there would be plenty of open rooms for the boys to crash in but umm since we moved in and took over the 3 of the 5 rooms upstairs the boys get the couch and chels gets one of our rooms.... it should be interesting and funfilled!

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