Sunday, July 19, 2009

6 months old

today little miss Olivia turned 6 months old. i am happy and sad about this. i want her to stay little forever and i know she can't but i want her too. at the same time i am happy that we are moving into such a fun phase of the baby stages. she can now roll all over the place- it is so funny to see her rolling to get something that catches her eye. we started eating cereal about two weeks ago in hopes that it would help her sleep better (not happening) she is such a good eater, she just gobbles up the food and makes a HUGE mess of her face. she is so funny and is very ticklish- hopefully shew ill start sleeping through the night soon! she has such a huge smile that lights up her whole face- i just love it so much.

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Twizzlers mom said...

oh she is too cute! I love it!