Thursday, June 11, 2009

don't they teach that at hair school?

so i finally went to get my hair cut (it had been too long) and its always hard finding a new hair person and so i finally gave it a go and what do i have to show for it... crooked hair. how the heck does that happen? how do you miss chunks of hair when you are cutting it? so my mom keeps telling me to go back and have them fix it and i am thinking why allow anyone there to fix it if they allow someone who cuts totally crooked to work there in the first place. so in my contemplation (and slight stubbornness) i am thinking of letting glenn fix it a little... not sure yet but am totally not happy with my hair- at least its just hair.


Paige Sinclair said...

good luck with that I never found anyone who i liked how they cut hair in the last 5 trips to Houston. you should ask Tori Trevino (copperfield ward) who she goes to she was talking about how for $45 she gets a head massage and a hair cut and something else and the place WILL NOT accept tips. good luck!

Adri said...

Something similar happened to me once. I went back and made the girl fix it. I felt so dumb and it's SO not me to do something like that. But I was really irritated that I had paid a bunch of money for a sucky hair cut. She fixed it and I never went back there again. I STILL haven't found a hair person I like. And we've been here almost four years. ugh

Twizzlers mom said...

I go to holly keintz up here in ak, and she only charges 25, and is great! I have never had a hair dresser before, but she gave me tips on what to do and what not! Maybe in some beauty schools they just don't teach patience and to check your work. You would never know.