Monday, June 1, 2009

here it all is....

so its been a while since i did a REAL update on our blog - so heres the scoop - we moved to houston to try and find work here. we did the drive in 4 days and had some very hard days where i was ready to jump out the van- we luckily got a new car- we went with the vw routan- I LOVE IT... it is such a sweet ride, the only downside is that we are currently down to one car but for the time being its not so bad- now once glenn finds some work it will have to get worked out... but right now its all good- and now for a briefing on the family.... enjoy!

  • finished preschool, was super cute in the program and i am proud of all he learned
  • has finally stopped his growing spurt that had him eating me out of house and home
  • is going through a really emotional time (hi we moved and he was not happy)

drew (warning poop will be talked about in this next section here is your chance to leave now)

  • finally went to the dr about his poor weight gain and very toxic smelling poops, and i mean TOXIC- they are not your average smelling poops, they are AWFUL.
  • had his tests done for them, had to redo the sweat test b.c of the borderline results
  • spent a weekend fearing he had cystic fibrosis- he does not!
  • still don't' know whats wrong, have been told to take him to a ped. GI dr (we moved have not done this yet)
  • he is having a hard time with the move since he LOVES his nama (grandma)


  • went in for her 4 months check up
  • weighs 10.8 lbs is 25in long
  • still not sleeping through the night (someone please make this happen)
  • has not figured out that her rolling can move her from one place to another
  • can roll over front to back and back to front


  • stopped working at the dealership(long story email me if you want it)
  • helped me pack up the house (thanks babe)
  • drove the entire time to houston
  • is looking for work in houston


  • is tired
  • is tired
  • wait still tired...someone let olivia know she needs to be sleeping!
  • is bittersweet about the move... misses her utah friends alot (if i wasn't me and you weren't you i'd still be friends with you), needs to make plans with her texas friends!


call me said...

Yay for an update!! So happy to hear all of the news, and happy that you got your Routan. Tell Glenn I said good luck with the job hunt, but until then you guys get to hang out as one big happy family!

Twizzlers mom said...

here's my email- Are you guys going to be able to come up for christmas? I know how that is when you can't. And I am sorry about the whole driving 4 days with screaming kids, been there done that!
As for preschool= was it hard? Did you bawl? Girls are going to start next year- and I am nervous about it!

Wendy said...

thanks for the shout-out... missing you tons too!