Friday, June 19, 2009

MEGA update

so my laptop had to get fixed and is finally back so now i can upload all the picture from my camera to the computer and attack you with pictures!

wyatt at his preschool program...

drew helping glenn load up the truck and by help i mean get in the wayour first stop was monticello ut for a golf stop with glenns dad and mom-

this is drew at dinner scaring grandpa

the restaurant gave the kids ice cream- wyatt was in heaven
hard good-byes to grandma and grandpa :(one van filled to the brim with stuff-our next stop was santa rosa nm-
we ate at this restaurant that was once the bank... it was coollady chillin in her carseat at the restaurant the boys at billy the kid's tombstone.. (this is for you shane)
we got here in time to celebrate uncle jared's b-day with
yummy key lime frosted cupcakes (oh so good)


call me said...

Hooray for updates! I can't believe how big Drew is getting, he looks like a little man now!

Amber Ferran said...

Oh I LOVE all the pictures! Wyatt is so freaking cute, we will make sure him and Rylee still go to Prom, no matter what! :) Miss you!