Wednesday, December 10, 2008

a rose by any other name

so here we are, days flying by and names for the baby has taken a back seat... we cant really agree on anything except her middle name- Leah- after glenn's grandma stewart- but other than that, we do not agree on anything at all- so i am throwing it out there to the people to send name suggestions b/c everything i suggest or glenn suggest gets shot down.. interesting how easy it was for us to name wyatt and really even drew but this little miss is proving to be a bit harder than imagined--- so my friends please send me your suggestions for a little added help.


Adri said...

I would give suggestions but most people don't like names that I like. I like "old fashioned" names. Myleigh is an exception I guess. I think girl names are hard to come up with too. There are too many options.

The Sager Family said...

Tony Leah Stewart
Marion Leah Stewart
Terrel Leah Stewart
Shane Leah Stewart
Jerry Leah Stewart
Roy Leah Stewart
Tashard Leah Stewart

Cami & Martin said...

I like the name Sydney... that's my daughter's name! But also, there's Kaitlyn, Cami (hehe), Kenzie, Michelle, or Jessica Faith (oh wait).