Tuesday, December 16, 2008


and not just your average- oh its cold and wet- i mean i have a HUGE, MASSIVE hate towards its. i hate driving in it, i hate walking in it, i hate seeing it out my bedroom window in the morning. i hate knowing that i even have to go anywhere when i see that it has snowed. the roads gets gross and dangerous and some people don't drive any different when it snows and they should. ahhh it makes my whole day gross- i worry about slipping and falling this winter because my balance is so off and i am a little belly heavy if you will. the hard part about this year is that wyatt is super excited for the snow and i am trying to hold back on my hatred for it but its hard because my hatred is so large and snow is predicted for like the next week.


Adri said...

Move to Indiana. We get a lot of snow, freezing rain, hail, etc...but no snow! :) And be careful with that belly of yours!

Twizzlers mom said...

Man, I know this sounds bad but the snow in utah is nothing compared to here in good old alaska. And the worst part is when it starts to warm up the tiniest bit, it doesn't stop storming, it just turns to rain, and then everything is ice! I mean I skated all the way to our mail box, and couldn't get back. The only thing that snow is good for is snow machining.