Saturday, December 6, 2008

terrible two's

i hate them... hate them with a passion. if i could skip from about 2 to 3 i would be happy b/c two year olds are hard- you want to know what makes it even harder? a super stubborn little two year old who thinks he is as big as his brother... so in my previous post you can see my pretty christmas village, all the pretty snow that covers that little pretend town- oh and there is glitter mixed in with that snow for added effect thanks to my wonderful husband... now take a two year old who is being super naughty ever since his brother came home and you have that pretty, glitter snow thrown all over my living room not once today, no not even twice, THREE TIMES.. his aim is good too, he manages to make it all over everything and requires you to use the hose on the vacuum and attachments to get all the snow and the glitter up- and to top off his rampage today he managed to throw his macaroni all over the dog, ya know my dog who has white fur. so when all i wanted to do was a relax a bit tonight and lay on the couch with my heating pad for my achy back i got to give the dog a bath and try to punish my two year old who is pretty persistent. - just when i think it might be over for the night, my wonderful four year old, who i missed like crazy while he was gone, decided to put foot creme in his hair as hair gel. so then i had to give him a bath too because it is super thick foot creme and he looked like a bird had pooped in his hair. its one of those days where i am craving some yummy desert type food but of course i have not gone to the store so i have nothing yummy to make to help ease my complete and utter frustration with motherhood....

the good part of my day is that with my husbands elbow grease my laundry room is completely clean and organized- he pulled the washer and dryer out and cleaned the floor, the dryer vent and the sides of the machines... i love that man and one of the many reasons is that he is handling my freaking out about cleaning things well and is happy to help- THANKS BABE! now that both kids are in bed since they were super naughty - i am off to distract myself from my day on the couch with my heating pad ---

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