Thursday, April 24, 2008


i know that i have been slacking on the blogging- things have just kind of been BLAH.... glenn has been working a ton since 6 salesmen quit the dealership in one week. it is hard for me to be supportive b/c i like when he is home with us- but i am trying to be more supportive of him doing what he has to do to be there- he had had a rough month sales wise and so hopefully that will pick up- anywho... not a whole lot going on here at all- drew has added some new words to his world- cookie, mickey, mine, drink, ball, elmo, car. it is so strange that he is growing up so fast. it makes me sad how quickly the time has flown- he will be 1 1/2 next week and for me it feels like he was just a newborn and my mom was here with me. anywho- that is all that is going on right now... more when something of value happens.

stewart out-

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