Monday, April 14, 2008

families together

so everybody was able to come out for the funeral, thanks to my dad and his american express. we were blessed to be together as a family for a few days. i really enjoyed seeing my nieces- i had not seen sienna since christmas of 06 and i say maya last april- so i was so happy to see them. we had a good time. here is how the days went

monday- viewing in tooele, dinner at wingers with all of my siblings and their families, back to the hotel for a little hot tubing

tuesday- wake up and go to the funeral- my mom decided that we needed to be out in grantsville really early- way too early- we were there forever. the funeral was so nice and everyone had wonderful things to say about her. i did not know that i would cry as much as i did but its okay the kind lady behind me gave me a tissue after she saw me using my hoodie sleeve. we were able to go to my other side of the families graves while we were there and take a family photo. we then went back to the hotel and my brother all went to take pictures of my grandmas house for memories. that night we ordered pizza and had some pie after a good time in the swimming pool. drew loves to swim, that kid did not want to get out but he does not know that he is smaller than wyatt and can not jump to dad in the pool like wyatt does.

wednesday- everyone was suppose to go home around 12- that did not happen. they were all on american airlines and so their flights got cancelled- my dad went to the airport and threw a fit-so they were not leaving until 7 that night and since we were taking some of them to the airport we got to hang out with them for longer. my dad wanted some food so we went into SLC for some yummy hamburgers from big h- oh they were good and the fries were so yummy- we said our good byes and headed home. we had a surprise party to go to so shaney (who stayed until saturday) watched the boys. he has so much fun with them and they were both still awake at 9 that night.

i enjoyed getting to see my siblings and getting to hang out. we will probably not get to do that for a long time since we are spread out and dr lucia starts her residency in june. it was fun even if it was short.... i hope my dad knows how much we all appreciate having the ability to be together and appreciate him being able to do that for us and for him and mom... anywho... here are some pictures of our eventful few days.
wyatt -maya
wyatt-sienna-poppy-drew-mayadinner at wingers
maya- jared-wyatt
the whole family

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