Saturday, April 5, 2008


leann stewart- that is my mother in law- she has been so good to me over the years. she has always been there for me when i needed her to be. she has frequently taken wyatt to go see movies on a saturday when my nieces and nephew are up visiting and he ends up staying the whole day. today was one of those days and she even wanted drew to come over after the movie so i could get a few hours to myself. i could have used this time to get a ton done around the house or go hang out with my friend of choice... but i chose to sleep instead. i took a three hour nap and probably could have slept for longer but was worried about the boys over staying their welcome... so i went to get them. i don't say it often enough but i was blessed with some really great and loving in laws. i don't know if she reads this blog or not but i wanted her to know how much i love her and how lucky i feel to have her as my other mother and as a grandma to my boys. she is so willing to help and so loving to those little monsters and that means to world to me. she raised an amazing son that i am blessed to have as my husband even if he is a pain in the but. so leann- I LOVE YOU and am grateful for all you do for my family.


Ferran Fam said...

And I would have been that "friend of choice" right Jessica! :) Your mother in-law sounds great!

Ferran Fam said...
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Adri said...

You're so lucky to live close to family.