Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Della Williams Lawrence

my mom's mom passed away today- don't be sad she lived a long happy and wonderful life, but ever since my grandpa passed away 3 years ago she has wanted to join him. in the last few months her health has declined so quickly that it was for the best. she told my uncle that she would not be here for his birthday 4/9 and she was right. my grandmas was an amazing lady. here are a few of my favorite things about her

1)she was short- shorter than me
2) she had tiny feet- i think she wore kids shoes because of it.
3) she loved to play games- card games most of all- she was the one who taught us how to play uno and phase 10.
4) she loved to read and as her eyesight started fading she would listen to books on tape or cd
5) she could cook like nobodys business. she once made tacos for 10 people off 1 lbs of hambuger.
6) she was a loving and very supportive wife
7) she knew how to build a fence
8) she knew all of grandpa's tricks
9) she let the girl cousins play in the attic even though we were scared
10) she taught us all to be strong, kind and loving people.

she was an amazing women and will be missed by so many people. i am going to miss driving out to the little white house on main street in grantsville (that my grandpa built by hand) to see her sitting on the couch in her BYU blanket asking glenn to change the vacuum bag. i have so many fond memories of her and can only hope to be 1/2 the lady that she was in all aspects of her life. i can only guess that she and cowboy bob have found each other and are sitting somewhere in heaven talking about everything. i will miss and love you grandma.

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