Friday, November 2, 2007


so on msn's home page today there was blurb about brittney sprears financials and how she spends her money. it states that she gets 737K a month to live on - yes you read that right a month. she has 8,844,000 a year to live on. it went on to state that she does not save or invest any of that money and only gives 500 to charity. it got me thinking... what would i do if i had 737K every month to live on---

1) buy a house
2) go pay cash for the car i want
3) go on a vacation or two
4) buy an king size bed for me and glenn with matching furniture
5) buy the kids actual beds and dressers
6) buy my father in law a truck
7) take my families on a trip
8) take the girls on a trip
9) save save save - you never know what is going to happen--- why not save and invest it???
10) i would probably go nuts on clothes and some real couches

but seriously... that is insane and stupid... we are only like 3 months apart in age and i can not believe that she is so dumb :) okay that is my rant...

now i would love to see what my friends would do with this kind of girls... lets hear it... what would you do with 737K a month?????


Ferran Fam said...

I would get some phat rims on my know, so I'd be rollin' and they be hatin'...hahaha! Kidding...I'd probably pay off my house, then invest the rest. Oh, and maybe buy Braxton a new dirt bike.

Bethany said...

I would buy a couple houses, Travel all around the world, swim with Shamu, SHOP till I literally drop, and then shop some more, go an extravagent restaurant every week, and all my friends and family would be with me during all of it! Oh and give to charity.