Thursday, November 1, 2007

halloween 2007

happy halloween! this year i was not laying in a hospital bed after having drew, i actually got to participate in the festivities. we went to glenn's parent's ward trunk or treat and it was really fun. two of glenn's friends still live in that ward with their kids and one other one came with her daughter and it was fun to see them. all the kids are getting so big and it was cute. i loved seeing wyatt so excited to be batman, he would fly around the house saying i'm batman who are you? it was a fun year and we got a lot of candy that will be around for a while--- or as long as it takes glenn to eat it all :)

(sorry the pics look strange, i didn't know there was a smudge on my lens- sucks but what can ya do)

batman and the skunk

drew as the skunk

wyatt was too tired to even wait till we got home to crash... this was the sight in my car last night within about 3 minutes

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Adri said...

What cuties. William had that same skunk costume. But we traded someone for the lion because it was too small on him.

And Happy late Birthday to Drew. I can't believe our babies are getting so big. Almost time for another (HAHAHAHA!).