Tuesday, October 23, 2007

just one of those days

you know the kind, where it seems like the day is out to get you. it started out bad and ended with a three year old being rotten to the core. my mom always says that three is terrific but so far i see nothing that is terrific in my son. okay so that's a lie, i love that he is getting to be a person- ya know... who talks in real sentences and you can have a sort of conversation with. he is also able to tell you he loves you and stuff like that but as far as the rest of it goes.... he is horrid. i love him nonetheless. so this is one day i am glad to see end!

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Adri said...

Sorry you had a bad day! Three has been better for me - but two was pretty bad so that's not really saying much. Thanks for the flowers. You are seriously so sweet! I can't call you back because I don't have your number. So I'm just waiting for you here in internet-land. Hope tomorrow is better!