Monday, October 22, 2007

birthday parties

even though wyatt's party was like three weeks ago i am going to tell you all about it. we had it at Chuck-e-Cheese and it was fun. family and a few friends and CAKE... we had a blast playing games with the 400 tokens my wonderful husband bought. for those of you who don't know my husband... he is kind of girly when it comes to holidays.... he loves to be involved in the whole process down to the party favors... don't get me wrong i am not complaining. i enjoy sharing it with someone. so here are some pictures of the day.
wyatt, glenn and kent(grandpa) playing

wyatt and his cake

wyatt and rylee opening presents

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Ferran Fam said...

Rylee had tons of fun at Wyatt's birthday party, thanks for inviting her! Hope Wyatt's ready to do it again!