Friday, October 26, 2007

shakes and toast

our conference tradition is to have shakes and toast for the sunday morning session. the first time i ever mentioned the combination i thought glenn might die from the shock. yes my mom use to feed this to us for breakfast before school. don't mock it until you try it.... a good cold shake with hot buttery toast.... so good. anywho about four years ago we decided it would be our conference treat and now that we have kids it is soooo fun to do. here are some pictures from that morning... sorry this is a bit tardy but better late then never.
the making of the shakes

wyatt was so excited

drew even got to taste some

wyatt half way through... he was in heaven


Ferran Fam said...

He looks like he's had one too many shakes, or peices of toast, keep an eye on that one Jess!

Adri said...

Okay...yes...I still think you're weird. I bet your kids love it though.