Monday, September 17, 2007

Oregon Coast Aquarium

We visited the OCA because it claimed to have these walk through tunnels where you can see the fish and shark swim around you. They did not lie on that part of their website. You can walk through three tunnels and see that fish, sharks and Wyatt's personal favorite, STING RAYS swim all around you. They also had an obscene collection of crabs. HUGE spider crabs that were just creepy looking. They also had this one spot in the aquarium where this TV was and a crab was teaching you how to do the crab dance and Wyatt decided to go to town showing everyone around his very advanced dancing skills. I wish I had been able to pull out the camera in time and record this skill he has because it was hilarious. I am mad that we did not get it on film in order to embarrass him with some where in his life. Even though the OAC was three hours away from Portland and I was so pissy about having to be in the car again, it was a super good day.

Waiting in line outside
Drew trying to climb out of his stroller
Wyatt would not take his eyes off the
fishes to take a picture so this is all I got
To be so entertained by some fish swimming around, we spent 15 mintues in this tunnel:)
One of the few pictures I am acutally in.

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Wendy said...

i'm never in any pictures either. unless i take them of myself and then i look stupid because the camera is way too close to my face.