Monday, September 17, 2007

I don't have time to wait...

On our day trip to Newport, OR, we went to the aquarium and the beach. While stopping for gas and a potty break/diaper changing break, Wyatt located a neon green pail with a hot pink shovel set that he had to have for the ocean. Well grandma bought it for him and he was so excited he started to dance in the gas station. Once she had paid for them he started screaming for his bucket and she told him to wait until we got to the beach. He promptly informed her that he did not have time to wait and she busted out laughing at him. Well after a trip to the aquarium, lunch at the super slow dinner (although they were slow I LOVED my fire grilled hamburger and fries) we finally made it to the beach. This was Wyatt's first trip to the beach ever and he was in HEAVEN. Glenn took him out to the water because Drew fell asleep on the walk down the slopping broad walk and so I was stuck holding him the whole time we were at the beach. Well the two boys walked out into the freezing cold water and they were having fun and then suddenly a wave took Wyatt under and that was the end of the water for Wyatt. He only wanted to dig with his shovel. It was fun and we had to literally drag Wyatt away from the sand to get him in the car. Now, Drew slept the whole time we were there and the minute we got to the car he woke up screaming bloody murder. In his defense he was cutting four teeth during this trip. In addition, I had not planned on stopping and playing at the beach so we had no extra clothes and stuff for this trip other than the emergency undies and shorts I had in the car, so Wyatt drove the whole way back to Portland in just shorts. It was a fun and long day.

Wyatt in the sand with his very cool pail and shovel
Posing for me, with that hurry up mom look on his face

Sleepy Drew... missing out on everything

Me and Glenn with Drew, Glenn's dad
didn't know how to zoom in with our camera.

Wyatt figuring out the sand and water combo.

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