Monday, September 17, 2007

Lions, Tigers and Bear Oh MY!

Okay, so I love Zoos, get over it already. Being that it be, I dragged the family to the Portland Zoo. Glenn's parents tagged along. We took the light rail system to the Zoo - also known as MAX. Wyatt thought MAX was super cool and he was having a grand ole time. He was saying Hi to everyone who got on and bye to the people who got off and would tell MAX to start his engine every time we stopped. It was great other than Drew being super tired and squirmy most of the time. Well we finally got to the ZOO and I was getting excited. Then is hit us... Wyatt suddenly needed to potty right before our stop and there was not a bathroom where we stopped because our stop was underground. That is right ladies and germs, we got out 600 feet under ground in a tunnel and Wyatt was stoked, so stoked that he had an accident. Being that everything was all screwed up that morning I had forgotten to grab extra shorts for him, just extra undies... So potty break derailed us a bit BUT....we made it to the zoo. Here are a list of things I LOVED about this zoo.
1) Every habitat seemed like the zoo had kept as much of the natural landscape as they could.
2) Because it was a cool overcast day most of the animals were really playful.
3) They had a polar bear which we saw go poop.
4) They had hot dogs and ice cream
5) They had an awesome penguin house and I saw penguins slide on their tummies underwater.
Drew once again slept through most of the day and that was poppy... He did wake up right when we got on MAX to head back to the hotel. Wyatt promptly fell asleep on the way home which was nice because it got crowded on MAX. Overall the Portland Zoo was tons better than our zoo. I think Glenn finally realized that I will drag him to almost any zoo I can.
PS. if you cant tell I really like that the light rail was named MAX-- almost as good as BART!

Wyatt- drew was already asleep!

On a tractor- he was so happy up there.

People were laughing at him while he took these pictures.

He was a little afraid to stand by these bears but
he was brave and did it and then got the HELL out of there.


call me said...

LOL, and then got the HELL out of there. I love that picture of Wyatt just sitting on top of the statue, lol.

Wendy said...

update your stinking blog already. i am bored.