Monday, September 17, 2007


On our trip we went to this waterfall and hiked up a bit to see some of the beauty that is nature. We did not take Drew up with us because one small child was enough to handle up there.
It was really pretty and they have this stone bridge that was built in 1919 that you walk across. My sister-in-law was scared that it would fall and I tried telling her that it had stood for almost 9o years i think we would be okay. Well here some pics of this adventure. excuse my appearance this was sprung on me last minute so i had not showered yet :)

The waterfall in all its glory

Me, Wyatt and Glenn by the falls on the really high bridge.

Wyatt in a cave, there were no monsters, we checked.

The view of the columbia river from half way up this hike.

All four of us at the bottom of the falls, too bad Wyatt looks funny
and Drew is turned sideways, it might have been a cute picture.


call me said...

I think you look so cute in your hat! That's such a pretty waterfall.

Wendy said...

you guys are like all wearing hats. what nerds. LOL