Thursday, July 5, 2007

Happy Daddy Birthday, oh yeah and the Country

So yesterday was Glenn's birthday and normally it gets the SHAFT big time, but this year I was bound to make it better than it has been. So I made him cupcakes and let him sleep in and went Mini golfing with the kids, spent the rest of the day at his parents. I even got him a GC to the golf store. Overall yesterday was really fun. We had the little inflatable pool filled up for Wyatt and Drew. That drew kid LOVES the water, he did not want to get out. He was having a blast which makes me happy because i have a lot of great memories of being at the southdown pool in my parents neighborhood growing up. I don't mean just a little i mean like sometimes everyday that week because it was free and it was hot and it was super close. I remember going there all the time and swimming or just laying out. Ahhh community pools so great. Anywho, i will post some pictures of my swimmer later.

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Adri said...

So I totally forgot that Glenn's bday was on the fourth too. Happy Birthday, Glenn! Sounds like you guys had a fun one!