Thursday, June 28, 2007

Dead Cars

So today started out with the white car that we are borrowing from Glenn's parents dying on Glenn's way to work. So now we are down to one car unless we want to get the van and use it (GAS HOG) This car has had some serious issues in its day, granted it is 20 years old ( 1987) Anyway... i hate having one car because then we have to work out schedules just to get around it sucks... okay that is my venting moment about the car.

Side note... Drew is cutting his 1st tooth :) Yeah.

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Adri said...

Oh I know allllll about having 1 car. Vent away, sistah!
I also feel your pain in the teeth cutting area as well. William is cutting his top FOUR teeth at the same time. They are bloody and yucky. He has THE hardest time teething. Our poor little guys.