Tuesday, July 10, 2007


So we were awoken around 1:00 am to screaming Wyatt. Glenn got him in our room and we fianlly got him calmed down and he fell asleep almost as fast as Glenn. I was confused and getting pushed out of my bed, so he went on the floor. Well when he woke up and climbed in bed to watch cartoons i asked him what happened last night. He quickly and without ever taking his eyes off Dora told me that his room was scary and there were monsters in there. I had to laugh because he said it so matter of fact. So i told him that we would spray for monsters tonight and they would go home to their mommys and daddys and not be in his room. It made me wish my biggest worry in life was that there were monsters in my room. My greatest blessing was that only one of the kids woke up last night and that Wyatt's screaming did not wake up Drew.

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