Sunday, July 8, 2012

bear lake

glenns aunt and uncle have a wonderful cabin up at bear lake and so kindly invited us. unfortunately glenn had already headed back to texas to work and we missed him a lot. however, we had the BEST time there and enjoyed ourselves so much.

view up the mountain from the cabin..

wyatt in aunt emilys helmet.
so pretty.. i loved it here 

grandpa took olivia on a four wheeler ride, she LOVED it.

all the cousins on the hammock

grandpa enjoying the porch

olivia being sassy..

all the cousins together... start of pictures

cousins totally done taking pictures

drew on a four wheeler... this is scary and a good thing the key was not in!

aunt emily took the all my kids for a ride and dogness!

we ate lunch in town one day and the kids had fun.. wyatt was so happy can't you tell!

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