Friday, July 13, 2012

temple square with shane

while we were in utah uncle shane was there too.. it was fun to hang out with him. the day we went to temple square it was hot and wyatt was not feeling too great, this all made for a very interesting day.

beginning of our trip.. don't they look happy, not
 i was trying to get the kids with the temple in the backdrop, o was not having it and notice drew is missing....

here is drew, sitting like 10 feet away from us.

i wanted the kids with the temple in the background, only got one kid :(

liv was tired so shane carried her.


 we went to the river one night with shane and i just LOVE this picture of him and liv
after temple square we were able to go visit one of my aunts at her house. she was so kind to make us food and talk with us. it was a little bit like going to my grandmas house. rosie made us pizza, salad, root beer floats, butterscotch cookies. she even whipped up some playdough for my kids while we were there. it was so nice to catch up with her.

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