Friday, January 28, 2011

to my dear friend on her birthday

HAPPY BIRTHDAY- today is one of my oldest friends birthday- Miss Lisha-  i wanted to take a moment and wish her a very happy birthday and let her know how amazing i think she is. she is one of those people who i have always admired. in our younger years she was so dedicated and balanced- i wish i would have been more like her back then. she was always so driven to do well in school but also knew how to have a great time. we got into a lot of trouble way back in the day. sadly for years we lived without contact but always i knew she was there if i needed her, ( i hope she knew the same) now that we are back in each others lives i am so proud to have a friend like her in my life. she is so loving and kind. her strength and fight for her daughter is inspiring. she is amazing and i am so blessed to be around someone who sees the good in things and trusts in our savior to have a plan and to be with us. lisha was understanding of my religion and my choices that were not so great and never judged or looked down on me. i always appreciated that. so to my one of my oldest and dearest friends- i hope your day is filled with love, kindness and joy and i also hope that lee and elle take good care of you.

love you :)

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Lisha said...

oh my gosh - I'm crying. thank you so much for such a wonderfully kind blog! I am so truly blessed to have such a wonderful friend...and've always been in my heart - no matter how long we went without contact. I love you and value our friendship so much. thank you so much for the wonderful birthday wishes!