Thursday, January 20, 2011

snip, snip

so it had to happen- olivia's first haircut- she had this special level of hair going on and i just could not take it anymore- it needed some help. so we went to a local kids cutting place and this kind lady went to work. overall we took the tiniest amount of hair off but it made a difference. her hair is more even and less mullet-like looking. my mom thought i was crazy but my mother-in-law had a great advice for me. if olivia was a girl who had curl or whose hair was growing in nicely i would not have cut her hair but it was neither of those things. i am so happy and she was so great. the lady was surprised that she sat so still ( i have been doing her hair as soon as it was possible just for this reason) of course in true jessica fashion i didn't snap an after picture- good thing there is always next time :)

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Wendy said...

oh, i remember when amelia rocked the mullet. post after pics please.