Friday, December 17, 2010

they are dropping like flies

that's what the school nurse said when she called me yesterday. i was in shock when she called b.c wyatt seemed fine that morning and didn't complain and ate great but somewhere in the day he got a fever and a really bad runny nose. so he came home early and because his fever didn't leave till late last night and he looked pretty pathetic, i kept him home today. that meant he was going to miss his holiday party today and not get his gift to his teacher- he was upset but drew was devastated- i mean full on tantrum about wyatt not going to school. it was not a pretty sight. well here we are hours later and wyatt is feeling great and has not had a fever all day- he is tired and i am hoping that they all go to bed early tonight- we shall see. so this year there are no pictures of the holiday party- bummer-

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