Thursday, October 7, 2010

holy cow- super late post

how has it already been six years since i had this beautiful baby.
the worst part for me is i feel like he is a kid now that he is six. its a strange feeling. i am so happy to have him in our family. he is such a great big brother- here are some of the awesome things about our wyatt
1- be a huge help most of the time. he usually follows my orders well.
2- shows love to drew and olivia all the time.
3- wants to be a good example to drew and livy that he asks if he is doing the right thing sometimes.
4- loves going to school and enjoys the time he spends there
5- sleeps like the dead- i never worry about wyatt falling asleep or staying asleep. he inherited his grannie lisas ability to sleep through just about anything.
6- he is silly and fun.

He is so awesome and we love him.

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